Uniconta is an intuitive which meets all needs within accounting, logistics and project. The simple yet powerful functions give a complete overview of the company’s economy and can help make the business more efficient and profitable.

Your own solution – also in the cloud

Uniconta is based on Microsoft technology and developed to be easily included in your cloud environment.

Even though it is a standard ERP, it is flexibly built for you to be able to customise the solution including fields, indexes and windows. This means that you are not restricted by other companies’ needs.

The founder Erik Damgaard’s programs have always been known for their well-equipped toolboxes, and Uniconta is no exception.

The customers are therefore able to enjoy the extra integration solutions that our partners offer Uniconta. It is our principle to offer a standard finance solution because that is what we are good at. Then we let our partners offer Uniconta solutions that are specially designed for particular industries and functions.

Maximum speed

Uniconta is an app which is run like Microsoft Office. We run computers but save all data in the cloud. This give maximum speed without delay. You are not dependent on a browser that freezes, “forgets data” or throws you off. We are like an app on your smartphone or tablet which means that you first have to install Uniconta on your computer.

Uniconta on Mac

Uniconta can also be run on Mac, but only with Safari, and requires an installation of Silverlight. You should also be aware that Out of Browser (OOB) versions do not function on the new versions of OS due to updated safety requirements from Mac.

Read more about the requirements for running Uniconta on Mac here.

PC, tablet or smartphone

No matter if you use PC, tablet or smartphone, you will always have access to user friendly design.