Price list

GB space DKK / month
 1 GB  49
 2 GB  69
 3 GB  89
 4 GB  109
 5 GB  129
 10 GB  179
 15 GB  229
 20 GB  279
 25 GB  239
 30 GB  379
 50 GB  499
 100 GB  699
 150 GB  799
 250 GB  929
 Over 250 GB  1,499

NovaBACKUP prices

In addition to the price of the amount of data, an annual 375 DKK update fee will be charged per computer or server. All prices are VAT exclusive and are billed quarterly in advance.

In case of late payment, the account will be closed. Subsequently, the backup data will be stored in its newest version for 30 days. Reopening of a closed account within 30 days costs 400 DKK in addition to the minimum quarterly payment.

The amount of files, and different versions of these, is unlimited, only the amount of data (GB) is limited and all data is saved as long as the customer wishes, for instance 1, 3 or 12 months.

It is also possible to receive the backup data on USB or DVD. The total price for this is half an hour’s work + the price of the USB/DVD.