sikkerhed online backup

Be safe with online backup
NovaBACKUP runs in the background and automatically takes a backup of the chosen folders and files. When you make changes in the files, or create new ones, the changes will automatically be saved as a backup.

What is NovaBACKUP?
Backup means having an emergency solution or rescue plan. We use computers for almost everything, whether at the desk or in the pocket. Consequently, a lot of important data such as important work or pictures of the family are stored on the computer. In order not to lose these important data, the emergency solution is a backup; if they are lost in one place, they can always be restored in another.

Why chose NovaBACKUP?
There are lots of benefits from choosing an online backup instead of a local backup:

  • Economy: It is not necessary to invest in expensive hardware
  • Time: The possibility of automatic backup saves you the time needed to take a backup and the trouble of having to remember taking a backup
  • Accident insurance: In case of an accident such as fire, all data is safe because it is stored somewhere else
  • Data security: All data is encrypted so that it cannot be accessed by others
  • Tranfer security: The chances are higher that the backup is carried out and saved successfully
  • Availability: In case of accident it is fast and easy to find and restore lost data

How does backup function automatically?
Automatic backup means that you do not have to remember to make a copy of important files to something like an external hard disc or a USB key. If you take new photos daily, or continue work in documents, it is not exactly convenient in the everyday work life.

NovaBACKUP backs up automatically by being installed and running in the background. The backup program keeps track of new files, or modifications in the old ones within the chosen folders. A security copy is then made of the data and then transferred online to Mitcom’s servers.

The best privacy policy
At Mitcom, all your data, information and files are yours – nobody else has access to them. This has shown not to be the case at many large American providers such as Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox.

We make sure that your data is stored safely in our servers.

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