Do all your papers and documents also resemble one big construction mess? We have the solution! Mitcom’s online system MitTime keeps track of the papers so that you always have all the information at you fingertips.

MitTime is an all-in-one online system developed by Mitcom which can be tailored to fit the specific needs and style of your business perfectly. MitTime can be used for online filing, report filling, order filling, intranet, time- and transport registration and news sharing – there are lots of different possibilities!

MitTime gives you:

  • Easy and manageable storage of documents
  • Systematic order handling which makes it easy to fill out and administer orders
  • Easily accessible time- and transport registration
  • Customised forms that can be adjusted to accommodate the needs of the business
  • Fast and easy sharing of data between employees, office and economy system
  • Manageable communication platform for all employees
  • The possibility of sharing and administer news and events
  • Tailored design which fits the style of the business

Advantages with MitTime:filefolders_dyalao

  • Individual solutions: You are not limited by a standard system; MitTime adapts to the specific needs and wishes of the business
  • Secure storage: When all documents are online, you will not risk forgetting about them or throwing them away
  • Easy access: You always have access to all documents and forms from a computer or tablet
  • Easy filling and registration: The system automatically fills in all standard fields in the form which makes it faster and easier for the employee to fill out the form
  • Smooth sharing: It is quick and easy to share all documents and data between employees and systems
  • Time saving: The accounting staff will be free of having to type in all the data manually; MitTime transfers all the information to the accounting program

MitTime gives you extra time and energy